Private House Remodelling

Private House Remodelling

Private house extended and remodelled in keeping with original building

The Challenge

This project was one of the rare occasions where we agreed to work for a private customer, carrying out works on their residential property in North Oxford.

Our brief was to maximise the useable area of the property, whilst ensuring that the extension areas were built to best match the existing building, even down to the colouring and type of bricks and stone used. It was also important to ensure that the finished house was in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood externally.

This job involved numerous and significant redesigns due to the close proximity of a large tree under a preservation order; so we had to work carefully to ensure that we fulfilled our remit without undermining or damaging the tree whilst all but removing (and temporary propping) the rear of the property whilst demolition and construction took place.

As well as these demanding requirements for the external work, we were also required to produce an exceptional level of quality and finish to the modern interior spaces of the project.

The handsome, buff brick Victorian house in North Oxford.

The Approach

We employed numerous specialist subcontractors for all the main sub-contract parts of this project, not least the difficult basement works, carried out by civil engineers Greenford Ltd., but also the considerable demolition and temporary works undertaken by specialists Maylarch Ltd., where over 50% of the supporting walls were removed to facilitate the extension of the main house.

In order to ensure that all aspects of the project were delivered to the client’s exacting standards,

we took an active role in liaising with the client’s architect over the details of the design, and at all stages brought our wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

Taking a ‘hands-on’ proactive role with the client and professional team to help the decision-making process associated with any design and financial issues is what we feel sets Richard Ward apart from the crowd and

This project is no better evidence of this ethos.

We take great pride and interest in all elements of our work to produce a coherent, best quality outcome and like to think that our approach is appreciated by both our clients and the professionals we work alongside.





The Outcome

The client is extremely happy with their completed house, and Richard Ward considers this one of our ‘stand-out’ projects carried out within the last few years.


We look forward to discussing your next project with you and rest assured you can expect the same level of care and attention that went into this project regardless of its size or complexity.

Thoughtful garden design extends the living space outside.

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